Dallas Bike Maps

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The city of Dallas has an extensive network of streets recommended for cyclists but most people don’t know it exists. Part of the problem is that the maps have not been available in a user-friendly format. Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn’t include these routes in their new Bicycling directions. For this reason, I’ve created a new website: DallasBikeMaps.com

Bicycling Directions Now on Google Maps

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Google Maps now has an option to get directions recommended for bicycling! To try it out, I put in my home and work addresses. Unfortunately, it suggested that I ride 0.2 miles on Northwest Highway. No thanks. I’ve done it before but I’d rather avoid it if I can. I don’t want to get arrested, after all.

google bike directions

Dragging the route around to try and get better directions, at one point it suggested riding on Central Expressway. “Bicycling directions are in beta.” Yeah, no kidding. They do suggest using some of the bike trails in the area, like the KT, which is nice. I wonder if there is any chance we could get the official Dallas Bike Plan routes into their system.

It also suggested an interesting alternative for getting from the KT to the Infomart. That’s one of the trouble spots on my current route so I may have to give this one a try.


More snow!

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The power was out for about 2 hours today.



73° and Sunny!?!?

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How could I possibly keep working...

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One more reason to wear a helmet

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Always wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. It may just save your life when a passing motorist shoots you in the head.

Ah, that new train smell

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Rode one of the new Narita Express trains from the airport into Tokyo, yesterday. Took a few photos out the window. Nothing spectacular but it is interesting to see some of the Japan country side and suburbs in contrast to Tokyo.


Tips for drivers sharing the road with bicycles

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Go and get yourself some brakes and some shifters.

Via Cyclelicious.

GM Likes Bikes, BUT...

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This educational video was produced for General Motors in 1978. The narrator keeps saying that he likes bikes but he doesn't seem to think much of their capabilities or the people who ride them.

Safe and Secure

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