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Took the scenic route home from the train station last night and ran into this large, weird looking bird. Renee says it looks like a duck but I am dubious. It was pretty tame though. Didn’t seem to be bothered by me or the cars and cyclists going by, within a few feet.


You question my duck-knowing, of all people??!!

I believe it’s a Muscovy duck.

-Unruly Duckling

P.S. Sorry about the lack of tag thingies on the link, but I haven’t been blogging much, and I forgot how to do it.

stu42j said:

No worries on the missing a tags. Cool blogs like mine auto-linkify. Login with your OpenID and I won’t have to approve your comments.

(and you are probably right about the duck)

sharon said:

It is indeed a muscovy. or turkey duck, as i like to call them. one sex looks like that and the other is white and black. they are not the prettiest of creatures. they make me laugh waddling about my neighborhood eating bugs out of front lawns. mine are rarely bothered by people, cars, bikes, dogs, etc, either.

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