GM Likes Bikes, BUT...

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This educational video was produced for General Motors in 1978. The narrator keeps saying that he likes bikes but he doesn't seem to think much of their capabilities or the people who ride them.


ma said:

I was going along watching this video thinking ok, maybe its not so bad and enjoying the 70’s look, remembering my youth, when all of a sudden it said, people riding bikes can never be trusted so its up to the people driving cars to watch out for them!!!!!!

What!!!!! I’m the one on the road who can’t be trusted??????

How many times have I gotten caught in an intersection where I am on the crosswalk, in clear view, with a traffic light that says its ok for me to go, and a car turns left into the intersection who can’t stop to wait for me because it has turned in front of oncoming traffic coming toward it? More times than I care to remember! Scares the heck out of me.

Steve A said:

Actually, it’s an inadvertent argument in favor of riding legally and vehicularly, so the motorists DO see you.

ALSO, about 6:44 into the video, it appears to me that the new driver violates the cyclist’s right of way at an uncontrolled (no stop signs or traffic lights) intersection, nearly T-boning him. “She likes me.” I’d hate to see what she’d do if she DIDN’T like the guy. Then she tries to door a cyclist at 7:43. They didn’t claim she liked him. Maybe he jilted her and it was an attempt at payback.

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